The strategic company purpose:

to create and produce the international quality level products

The company top management plans, based on the international standards requirements ISO 9001 and IATF 16 949, to build a functioning quality management system (QMS) that will allow to create quality products for its customers in a stable and timely manner.

For QMS creation and improvement the company top management intends to provide the correspond-ing opportunities:

  • To organize the coordinated company work by providing all necessary resources to create products in accordance with the internal and external consumers’ expectations;
  • To generate employees’ responsible attitude to activity at the level of processes and system;
  • To maintain a corporate culture aimed at mutually beneficial cooperation with the organization's suppliers;
  • To involve employees in the creation of compliance at all production stages from the first try through systematic trainings;
  • To support leaders who create an enabling internal environment for making decisions based on reliable data;
  • To develop cooperation in the system by the rule: "Not to take discrepancies, not to produce in-consistencies, not to pass variances"
  • To support process owners in their efforts to continuously advance their process and improve interactions with their internal customers and suppliers;
  • To apply QMS documents to ensure the work quality and reduce variability in processes;
  • To perceive inconsistencies between documents and actions, identified by internal auditors, as an opportunity for improvement.

The company top management takes responsibility for the quality management system creation that meets the applicable requirements of ISO 9001 and IATF 16 949 and their continuous improvement.