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Transport Monitoring is needed everywhere!

We invite to cooperation the integrators and regional dealers of GLONASS/GPS monitoring systems. No matter how extensive your work experience is, we are ready to provide you with all the opportunities for development. Reliable and popular devices on the market will help you quickly gain customer confidence, and our team will provide the necessary support.

  • Earn on solutions from Vega
  • Become an exclusive dealer in your region
  • Build your affiliate network
  • Introduce the quality technologies
  • Change the world to the best

Open new horizons

Looking for new ways of development? Our equipment meets all the requirements of the time. Based on our solutions, you can solve any problems of vehicle monitoring, from tracking fleet vehicles to creating full-fledged smart cars.

Take to the next level

Tired of low-quality equipment? Vega-Absolute company creates and manufactures products of international quality level on the territory of the Russian Federation, which means that you can always promptly receive answers to all your questions from the manufacturer.

Improve business performance

Smart devices are good because they allow you to control your fleet, which means that you always know the answers to the questions: what, where, when and how much! Do not overpay, we will select the equipment for your task, and our devices will reduce your costs.

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    A wide range of quality equipment
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    Here you will find the monitoring equipment, both the simplest and the professional class
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    Free software for quick start, small projects and demonstrations of your capabilities today
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    Fast and qualified support
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    Well-thought-out pricing policy

Special offers

The price is lower, more projects

Uniq solutions

We will help you solve your specific problem

Be the first

All our new products are available first to you.

We will provide technical support and provide all the necessary information so that the integration of our monitoring equipment will the most effective at any stage of their implementation. We will help you develop wireless technologies, find or create solutions, and provide tools for implementing devices and managing them. Moreover, we are ready to provide you with clients and help you build working relationships with other partner companies. The opinion of our partners is important to us - becoming our partner, you get an exceptional opportunity to participate in the development of new devices and improvement of existing.