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Vega MT Configurator is an application for connecting to GNSS Trackers of the Vega MT series and making individual settings. In addition, the application allows you to work with the vehicle's CAN bus, load previously saved settings from a file, save settings to a file, and send commands to GNSS Trackers.
Vega MT Configurator provides access to file storage on the Vega server and gives the ability to download the latest firmware, applications, drivers for working with GNSS Trackers, documentation, Wialon templates and sensor configurations for working with CAN buses of various vehicle models.

Vega MT ConfiguratorVega MT ConfiguratorVega MT Configurator


  • Connection to GNSS Trackers via USB and TCP
  • Individual configuration of GNSS Trackers
  • Access to file storage
  • Loading settings from file and saving settings to file
  • Device management
  • Working with CAN-bus
  • Diagnostic function of the GNSS Tracker with the generation of a report
  • Aplication completely free