To implement the solution, you will need one of the devices which supported BLE sensors like MT-5 or MT X Int/MT X Ext and BLE sensors. The devices have difference in additional functions, for example, the MT X Ext device has the external antennas but MT-5 and MT X Int has the internal ones. When you have decided on the device, you must perform the following steps:
  1. Connect power from the on-board network to the GNSS Tracker;
  2. Configure the device and the cloud monitoring service (WIALON or any other, including your own) and start the Bluetooth scanner;
  3. Add the sensors and save the settings to the device;
  4. Place the BLE sensors on the vehicle;
  5. Now you can control the vehicle's location and view the saved tracks of movements, as well as collect parameters from the installed BLE sensors.

The following types of BLE sensors are currently supported:
  1. BLE tag – tag linked to MAC;
  2. Neomatika ADM31 – temperature, humidity, ambient light sensor;
  3. Neomatika ADM32 – angle sensor;
  4. Escort TD-BLE – fuel level sensor;
  5. Escort TT-BLE – temperature sensor;
  6. Escort TL-BLE – temperature, ambient light sensor;
  7. Escort DU-BLE – angle sensor;
  8. Escort TH-BLE – temperature, humidity, ambient light, pressure sensor.