To implement the solution, you will need one of the devices of the MT X CAN series. The devices differ in some characteristics, for example, the MT X Int device has internal antennas, and MT X LTE has an LTE modem. When you have decided on the device, you must perform the following steps:
  1. Connect the vehicle's CAN-bus to the GNSS Tracker;
  2. Connect power from the on-board network to the GNSS Tracker;
  3. Using the built-in CAN-scanner, find the necessary parameters in the CAN-bus*;
  4. Based on the parameters found, create your own CAN sensors;
  5. Set up the device and cloud monitoring service (WIALON or any another, including your own);
  6. Now you can get CAN-bus parameters that are not in the standard configuration (window status, seat heating mode, heater fan speed, etc.), to obtain the parameters CAN-bus on the rare cars for which there is no standard configurations.

*Working with CAN-bus requires special technical knowledge and skills. Our experts advise on issues related to the CAN-bus to help integrators work with our equipment.